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Hello, I am T.S. Braxton, the founder of Whatteasarebestforme website.  I started enjoying tea at the early age of five years old. After watching my older sister make herself a cup of tea, I decided I wanted to try it.  At that age, I enjoyed drinking hot black tea with milk and sugar. Over the years, I have not only enjoyed tea for its delicious taste, but also have used it for its many medicinal properties.

I have looked to tea to get through the normal stresses of life.  Green tea helped boost my energy in college to get me through finals week.  Then for the same reason to get through deadlines for work after I graduated.  Raspberry leaf tea eases my menstrual cramps. Ginger tea helps me with digesting my food when I feel bloated.  When I am sick and have a nasty cough and do not want to be coughing on people, I drink Peppermint tea. Rose tea helps calm my anxiety before doing a presentation.  Ginseng tea helps me focus why I do research for work.  English Black Tea with honey helps curve my graving for sugar (for instance, my love for chocolate).  I enjoy a cup of chamomile tea before I sleep, to relax and calm my nerves, so I have a restful night.  These are just to name a few instances I have used tea to help me migrate through my busy, crazy schedule.  Not every tea works the same for every person.  You may have found that other teas work better for you to combat the same stressors in life.

My frustration was finding the right tea for my ailment and/or symptoms.  Often, I found myself surfing the net for the right tea, which took up my time and energy.  I did my own research on what experts have said are the benefits and side effects for the different teas. I decided to convert it into a website and bring it to you.  There are many teas, that are known for having the same medicinal properties.  Again, find what works best for you. You may have to try a couple before you land on the right one.   What works for me, may not work for you.  I am no expert; I am just a woman who loves tea. My goal here was to create one place you can find the tea that can help navigate life.  Just doing the small things can sometimes go a long way.

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T.S. Braxton

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